Services Overview

Targeted Messages. Measured Results.

Strategic Marketing That Touches People’s Emotions

Marketing is the most successful when it touches people’s emotions. Your customers want to be tended to, nurtured… cultivated. What ultimately matters to them — and to you — is the relationship you build between them and your company’s products or services. Most often, what they really want is something that will solve a problem for them or make their life easier or more fulfilling.

Creative Eye provides you with marketing communications that speak directly to your customers’ real needs, wants and pain points. Our ability to understand your company and your products; our understanding of your customers as people with specific needs, not generic demographics; and our mastery of new media and cutting edge technologies, set us apart.

We know how to reach your audience effectively and how to elicit a desired response. We can help you develop strategies to educate your customers and clients about your products and services, and ultimately assist you in making the sale by demonstrating how your products and services can make their life better.

Advertising / PR

Although hard sell advertising is a thing of the past, any vital business needs to communicate with potential consumers on a regular basis to create sales. Advertising and Public Relations campaigns do this. GO >

Branding and Identity

Just as location is everything in real estate, image is everything in business. To convey your image accurately and well is the primary goal of any brand building process. GO >

Website Development and other New Media

Our designers, knowledgeable programmers, expert social media marketing professionals, and SEO gurus are well positioned to develop custom designed interactive websites and other new media marketing strategies for your business.GO >

Social Media

Statistics show that consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they feel confident that they are in good hands and if they have a personal connection to a business. This is why a social media business page is the perfect complement to a traditional advertising program. GO >