Advertising / PR

Key Components of Comprehensive Marketing.

A comprehensive marketing program should include a public relations program and advertising via both new media (social media, web advertising, mobile devices) and traditional media (television, print ads, and radio). Advertising creates brand recognition, educates your customers about how they benefit by using your products and services, provides incentives for them to give your business, and promotes customer retention and loyalty when your business transactions meet or exceed their expectations.

Public Relations

Public relations are an integral part of the marketing mix. There’s nothing like PR or “free media” to create the attention organizations need to build credibility, inform the public, and increase awareness. PR extends the message and brand awareness created by traditional advertising, social media, and a well-designed website presence.

New Media

There is no doubt that new media, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn), the internet (eNews, websites, search engine advertising, Google Places), and mobile devices (tablets, smartphones), currently dominate the advertising scene. Knowing how best to utilize these tools — how to brand them and make them work for you — is critical.

A good alternative for print advertising is online advertising with targeted placement in a number of locations. This includes on websites and search engine listings, in online news sources, on social media sites, and through mobile devices. Creative Eye specializes in creating such ads and can help you determine the best placement for your needs.

Nothing Beats Television

The internet may grab much of the attention these days, but TV is still the media king - Television advertising is still the most pervasive and powerful tool for reaching consumers. Given both the costs and benefits, is TV advertising the right approach for you? We can help you look at the pros and cons and help you to decide whether television advertising is a good choice.


Printed newspapers and magazines still have the readership that will get you the greatest return on your investment. The goal of newspaper advertising is to communicate a specific offer to your target audience. The goal of magazine ads is usually more about enhancing and sustaining a brand.


In these days of New Media, radio may seem old-school, but it can still be an important part of your overall media strategy. One of the big benefits to radio, as in online advertising, is that it is often less expensive than a TV ad and it provides you with the ability to target your advertising to a specific audience. Radio stations range from political or news/talk radio, to music styles like traditional, Bollywood, filmy, oldies, hip-hop, or rock. Decide who you are trying to reach (teenagers, families, urban men, suburban moms), and then choose the radio format that reaches your audience. We can help you create radio ads that deliver the right message to the right people.